• Twoconnect Email Solutions

At Twoconnect, we help global organizations connect with their audience by providing the services of low-cost, highly skilled email marketing experts based in the Philippines.  We hire the best email marketing specialists in the country and match them to the right roles quickly.  Work with a single email marketing professional for an urgent project, or build a team of email marketers, designers and copywriters to create custom e-newsletters.

Twoconnect email marketers are skilled and passionate about what they do, and it shows in their high quality output.  We guarantee optimal results for your campaigns in the form of improved open and click-through rates.  Our email marketing expertise includes responsive email template design, dynamic content, HTML build and optimization, email list management, data-driven campaign planning, development and testing, analytics, consulting, and database upload.  Our email marketers also have professional-level experience with email automation software, web development tools, and marketing tools.

    • Roles that Twoconnect people can fill include:

Email Marketing Specialist
Email Marketing Campaign Specialist
Email Coordinator
Email Marketing Strategist
Email Marketing Developer
Email Marketing Analyst
Email Marketing Director
Email Marketing Project Manager
Database Marketing Email Production Manager

    • Why Outsource Email Services to the Philippines

Access top email marketing talent. Email marketing seems straightforward, but it actually requires careful planning and execution.  Experienced email marketers make the process look easy due to their skills, experience and industry knowledge.  Twoconnect provides top email marketing talent with a proven track record of success—something that can be difficult to build in-house.  When you work with a veteran email marketing staff, there is reduced risk of problems arising from lack of experience.

Improve focus. Leave email marketing to Twoconnect experts so you can focus on your core activities.  You can also take on more projects knowing that Twoconnect email marketing specialists are always available to augment your in-house team or provide end-to-end email marketing campaign management.

Reduce costs. Outsourcing email marketing to an experienced offshore provider like Twoconnect is one of the best ways to reduce overall costs.  Instead of spending resources on finding, hiring, managing and supporting in-house email marketing personnel, Twoconnect can take care of everything on your behalf.  Our flexible solutions ensure that you get the right fit for your needs and budget.

Improve efficiency. If you feel like your current email marketing campaign is underperforming or not achieving your objectives, outsourcing the process to an outside expert can be a wise decision.  Our experts can evaluate your process, suggest improvements and even make the necessary changes to get your campaigns back on track.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced Costs
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Solutions to Competency Gaps
  • Time-Zone Coverage
  • Flexible Solutions
  • Niche Expertise
  • Improved Focus
  • Shorter Implementation Time
  • Project-Based or Staff Leasing

Entry Level

$1,130.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$10.00 / hour

(Small Projects)


Mid Level

$1,388.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$12.00 / hour

(Small Projects)


Expert Level

$1,775.00 / month

(Staff Leasing)

$17.00 / hour

(Small Projects)