Your one off project design and solution starts here


Our pool of talent provides solutions for all different types of business projects. Our Australian based team will scope your business requirement and partner you with one of our dedicated staff to complete your project. This service is priced as a one off payment that provides flexibility for business owners and core staff to engage when they please. Whether it is a customer migration from one system to the other, a data entry exercise, research project, purchasing exercise, IT integration, our team will be able assist your team complete your project.

Why Outsource with TwoConnect?

We combine the right people, smart processes and leading technology to streamline workflow, maximise efficiency and help boost your revenue.

Reduce Cost

Our offshore team of specialists are ready to deliver measurable outcomes and cost savings for your business.

Increase quality & efficiency

We only employ highly qualified, fully trained and engaged staff who we successfully integrate into your business.

Scale fast

TwoConnect will customise a solution which accelerates the growth of your business.