With the ever-increasing workload brought about by compliance requirements, accounting outsourcing increases your company capacity to efficiently manage multiple portfolio tasks.

Australian companies in the accounting and finance sector are challenged by costly local workforces which results in lower margins and business growth.

Staff retention and attraction is always a challenge especially in the accounting sector in Australia. Loyalty and job dedication are the cultural earmarks of Filipinos helped by the incredible competitive environment created by the abundant highly qualified talent pool.

Not only is offshored accounting services cost efficient but also in the Philippines, we have found that qualified accountants (CPAs) and bookkeepers can go beyond low-level entry tasks and play an important part in your client activities and decision-making processes.

Consider building an offshore team If you are encountering these issues:

  • If your local staff gets delayed with their core duties due to performing back office tasks like bookkeeping
  • If you’re having problems with hiring accountants, particularly during tax time
  • If you find it difficult to recruit staff with a compensation package that fits your finances
  • If you lack the time to train new staff members with accounting software
  • If you are apprehensive with entrusting confidential information to freelance accountants to avoid security breaches

When you outsource bookkeeping and other accounting services in the Philippines, you’ll find qualified accountants (CPAs) and bookkeepers who can go beyond low-level entry tasks and take on more critical roles in your client activities and decision-making processes.

Financial and accounting outsourcing services is a cost-efficient solution as it will help you save up to 70% on labour expenses due to the low cost of living in the Philippines.

We will also provide the essential facilities that your remote staff needs to efficiently perform at optimum levels. This includes a solid IT infrastructure, licensed software and access to online platforms that will help streamline workflows, well-maintained workstations, HR management and employment engagement programs.

Excellence Research

Strategy Planning

Improve Business

Through our finely tuned recruitment process, we can source the most qualified candidates for the following job roles to assemble your offshore staff. Whether you need a small team or a whole department, we can scale it accordingly.

  • Finance/Accounting manager
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Staff accountant
  • Project accountant
  • Junior accountant
  • Senior accountant
  • Cost accountant
  • General accountant
  • Tax accountant
  • Financial accountant
  • Accounts assistant
  • Accounts payable clerk
  • Credit and collections clerk/manager
  • Internal auditor
  • Financial analyst
  • Payroll administrator
  • Controller
  • Bookkeeper
  • Billing clerk

Twoconnect has the expertise, technology and capability to find exceptional finance and accounting professionals and the strategies to help you drive business growth well within your budget.