As your business continues to expand, back office work becomes a burden to your local staff as it distracts them from their core responsibilities. However, these functions are vital to keep your business running smoothly. The solution: an offshore team dedicated to providing back office support.

The benefits of outsourcing back office tasks

Back office jobs are known as the ‘behind the scenes’ work that support the core business functions of a company to help client-facing workers perform their tasks.

These include administrative jobs such as organising records, filing reports, data encoding and management, bookkeeping, personal assistance, transcription, and the like. They may be repetitive, tedious, and labour-intensive, but they play an important part in the overall business operations.

Nowadays, having an offshore back office team is essential to business organisations. Here are just some of the benefits that your business can experience with offshoring solutions:

  • Your local executive team will have more time to focus on developing and implementing strategies to achieve business growth.
  • It promotes efficiency as it saves you time from having to work on these tasks and you also save on labour expenses because the salaries of offshore workers cost much less than onshore talents.
  • It improves productivity by streamlining business operations through the use of digital processes and online platforms for accurate, high-quality output.
  • You can scale your back office team easily according to your business requirements. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, the size of your back office staff can be adjusted accordingly to manage expenses.
  • We believe in the value of business

Offshore back office structure

Ideally, your corporate structure should have local C-suite and senior management staff while back office support can be outsourced.

First, a Personal Assistant or Virtual Assistant is assigned to every executive staff member to assist in a variety of functions such as handling correspondences, setting appointments, typing, record keeping, event planning, and providing support in managing projects.

Next step is to build a back office team according to their functions to work for a specific department or division, as stated in your brief. This will be composed of a manager, a team leader and some support specialists.

Remember, your offshore back office team is meant to function as an extension of your home team. You remain in full control of their work, which means their performance and output are according to your exact business standards and goals.

Outsourcing back office functions covers a wide range of industries. These services are usually employed in the following sectors:

  • Finance, Accounting and Payroll
  • Human Resources, Recruitment and Training
  • Workforce Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Data Management
  • Personal Assistance

If you wish to outsource a team dedicated solely for your organisation’s back office functions, Twoconnect can provide you with an excellent offshore staff and the best facilities to suit your business requirements.

 Recruiting the most qualified skilled workers, performance management and employee engagement, providing IT infrastructure and well-maintained work spaces—we can take care of that for you.

 Twoconnect’s offshoring operations in the Philippines will give you tremendous benefits in terms of cost efficiency as you can save up to 70% on labour expenses while having full control over your offshore staff that supports your business endeavours.